2015 Ivan Hlinka Memorial Cup kicks off Aug 10 in Břeclav & Bratislava
Thursday 23.7.2015 | Editorial Staff

2015 Ivan Hlinka Memorial Cup kicks off Aug 10 in Břeclav & Bratislava

The 2015 Ivan Hlinka Memorial Cup is approaching. This year will be the 25th edition of the prestigious annual summer tournament. From August 10th to 15, fans in Břeclav and Bratislava can look forward to seeing some of the greatest U18 hockey players in the world. In addition to the new Slovak host city and new logo, organizers also have a few new surprises planned, so stay tuned! Read more »

Group A, Břeclav
Group B, Bratislava
Group A
1.   Czech Rep. 0 0:0 0
2.   USA 0 0:0 0
3.   Finland 0 0:0 0
4.   Russia 0 0:0 0
Group B
1.   Canada 0 0:0 0
2.   Sweden 0 0:0 0
3.   Slovakia 0 0:0 0
4.   Switzerland 0 0:0 0

  • Město Břeclav
  • Jihomoravský kraj
  • Český svaz ledního hokeje
  • BPA
    Short news
    2015 Ivan Hlinka Cup
    20.7.2015 - The 2015 Ivan Hlinka Memorial Cup will take place in Břeclav and Bratislava, from August 10 to 15.
    Friendly games
    15.7.2015 - Before the beginning of the 2015 Ivan Hlinka Memorial Cup, two pre-tournament games will be played on August 8. The Czech Republic will play the USA in Břeclav, while Slovakia face Canada in Bratislava. Coverage of these games will be available at onlajny.com!
    Twitter MIH
    9.7.2015 - The Ivan Hlinka Memorial Cup also has a Twitter acount. You can find it here!
    Interested in history?
    6.7.2015 - Do you know who won the Cup last year? Which team has won the most gold medals? HERE you can review the history.
    Facebook MIH
    5.7.2015 - Are you interested in what is going on at the Ivan Hlinka Memorial Cup? Keep an eye on our facebook page and stay up to date.

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